On the face of it, Croatian doesn’t seem like a language that many people need to know how to speak. But whether you’ve got Croatian roots or you need to learn Croatian for business, whether you’re living here or just find the language fascinating, there are lots of reasons to learn Croatian in the beautiful capital of Croatia, Zagreb.

Zagreb is never boring

Zagreb is a small city, but it’s never boring. There is always something on, from street festivals to concerts, lectures to rooftop parties. Whether you’re looking to learn a new skill or just meet new people, your social calendar will always be full in Zagreb.

You’ll meet people from all over the world

There’s more foreigners learning Croatian than you’d think! Over the years we’ve had students from all over Europe, from Brazil, the USA, and even further afield. In a diverse group of students from all over the world, you won’t just learn about Croatian culture and language – you’ll learn about the rest of the world too.

Zagreb has a thriving expat scene

Of course, all these foreigners studying Croatian love getting together outside of classes too! Zagreb has a rich expat community made up of people who are studying, working, and living here, as well as friendly locals who love meeting new people from all over the world. Some expats have been here for ages, some are fresh arrivals, but all of them are warm and welcoming. Whether you just want to meet up for a drink and practice your verb conjugations, or you need help finding a good hairdresser, supermarket, or local hangout, Zagreb’s expats are always ready to lend a hand.

You can keep the travel bug in check

If you’ve got itchy feet, then Croatia is the perfect place for you. This small country packs a lot into a very small space – from sunny beaches and luscious forests, to rocky mountains and picturesque towns, we’ve got it all. The only problem is deciding where to go first!

It’s Fun!

Yep, Croatian is definitely fun to learn, and even more fun to speak. Like so many other Mediterranean languages, Croatian is wonderfully expressive. Croatians are particularly good at complaining, complete with emphatic hand gestures and colourful expressions. A good, long rant about an annoying colleague is somehow much more satisfying in Croatian than in English (lots of hand-waving is recommended, of course). Showing affection for the people that you like is easy, because there’s so many words you can throw in to show someone they’re special to you: draga/dragi, micek/micica, ljubavi, srećo, mila moja… No matter what, speaking Croatian is never boring!