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Zašto prevoditelj a ne program za prevođenje?

Prevođenje teksta je oduvijek bio posao u koji se ulaže puno truda, znanja ali i maštovitosti; dobar tekst je onaj koji je preveden u duhu jezika. Prevoditi u duhu jezika znači da tekst ne smije izgledati kao da ga je preveo stroj jer tada je tekst teško čitati, može biti nejasan a i gubi na […]

Small but important words: A, an, the, in, on, and at

A, an, the, in, on, and at are some of the words in English that seem pretty simple and straightforward at first glance, so why is it then that they can literally drive students of English crazy? Teachers will often hear beginner students ask if the teacher can give them a list of rules when […]

The Importance of Grammar in Business Communication

Some people believe that for effective business communication it is not necessary to have a good command of grammar as long as you have an extensive knowledge of technical vocabulary. Let’s take a fairly simple example and see what sort of problems may arise from a lack of grammatical accuracy. Dear Mr Martin, Our shop […]

Choosing Between Business and General English

The choice between business and general English is not always easy for someone who wants to enrol in an English course. Perhaps you are in a situation where you use English for work and already have a fairly good command of the technical vocabulary, but you find it difficult to chit-chat about this and that, […]

Courses in Business English – How can they help?

At Smart School we have often come across people who use English actively and on a daily basis in their work. Most of them usually seem quite fluent and very confident when it comes to reading and writing in English, as well as communicating in English in a wide array of different situations. It happens […]