About us

Since our founding in 2006, we’ve been offering foreign language courses for adults and children, and translation services covering a range of fields and languages.

In addition to foreign languages, we also offer Croatian language classes for visitors to Croatia. All of our classes focus on active communication from the very first class. Our goal is to encourage all of our students to improve their knowledge of foreign languages in the friendly, relaxed atmosphere of our foreign language school in Zagreb. We regularly monitor the progress of all our students and aim to provide courses that are adapted to their knowledge and interests.

Over the years, we’ve developed the Smart Method, which our teachers use to ensure that our classes are as engaging as possible, while also maintaining the high standard of quality we’ve come to be known for.

The SMART Method

Successful – Meaningful – Ambitious – Reliable – Trustworthy = SMART

We believe that learning a language isn’t just about memorising grammar – it’s about living the language and culture you’re studying. Learning a language should be engaging and fun, and the SMART Method is designed to ensure that you can immerse yourself in a new world and love every minute of it.

Our experienced team of teachers has developed the SMART Method, which emphasises confidence and continual improvement in the classroom. We don’t stress how much you still have to learn; instead, we focus on celebrating the goals you’ve achieved, and helping you develop your next goal.

Entertaining multimedia materials and additional activities help lead you, step by step, towards your language-learning goals. We focus on everyday language in use, and all of our courses are specially designed to encourage you to communicate actively using a foreign language from the very beginning.

Our teachers carefully monitor your progress and adapt their teaching to your needs and interests. Small groups and a personalised approach ensure that you’ll soon feel confident enough to begin speaking, reading, and writing a foreign language. So if you’re wondering what the best way to learn a language is, look no further – the SMART Method is the only way to go!


Monday – Friday

9am – 5pm

NOTE: From the 27th of November 2020 onwards we’ll be working ONLINE!

Palinovečka 19, Vrbani III, 10000 Zagreb

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Palinovečka 19, Vrbani III, (istočni ulaz shopping centra Point), 10000 Zagreb