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We are an experienced team of court interpreters, highly-qualified translators, and proofreaders, specialising in a wide range of fields. Our many years of experience, and the satisfaction of our clients, mean that you can turn to us with confidence for all your translation needs.

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Written translation includes the translation of materials without certification, such as: Web sites, tourist guides, catalogues, flyers, instruction manuals, declarations, letters, literature in the field of economics, finance, medicine, law, and so on.

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Simultaneous interpretation is performed simultaneously with the speaker’s presentation, significantly saving time. This type of interpretation requires additional equipment (translation booth, headphones, microphones).

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Consecutive interpretation is usually performed in the presence of a small number of people (business meetings, meetings with lawyers, notaries, etc.). Consecutive interpreters translate into the target language during the pauses in a speaker’s presentation.

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Whispered interpreting is a translation service where the interpreter sits near people who need translation, explaining/ translating the spoken text quietly, yet in a clear voice.

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If you require a certified translation of a document, our experienced team of court interpreters can translate all manner of legal, medical, and official documentation.

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We offer proofreading and correction of all types of texts in the shortest possible time-frame.

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Are you in need of an interpreter for a meeting or conference, someone who will accompany you to a medical examination or be at hand when you visit a foreign country? Our translators are on hand to help!

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Special Conditions

The price for written translations and proofreading is calculated according to the number of standard pages, which serve as the basis for the price calculation. 1 standard page includes 1500 characters with spaces.

The minimum charging unit is 1 standard page.

The price of urgent translations and proofreading increases the standard price by 50%.

The prices for translation and proofreading vary depending on amount, type and complexity of the text, technical processing (scanning, etc.), and the time and manner of delivery.

We offer special conditions/rates for regular clients!

Note on interpretation services: consecutive interpretation lasting longer than 1 / 1.5 h requires two interpreters.

Having an exclusive contract with us enables smoother and easier work progress. Our regular, contracted customers are provided with more favourable conditions and prices of translations.



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